My original character “STILL” won the prize on Biodibersity Action Award Japan 2014.


スティルとは?What’s “STILL” ?


ドラマは絵本で展開することで、子どもから大人まで、また国を超えてたくさんの人に伝えること、できるだけ長く人の心に留めておくことを目的としています。 その絵本の中の主人公たちは、キャラクターグッズとしてより身近な日用品や雑貨に命を吹き込まれることで、キャラクターに興味を持ってもらい、そのモデルとなった絶滅種や絶滅の理由にふれてもらうことで、これからの地球環境を一緒に考えていきます。

「スティル」は、自らが答えを出したり提案をしたりはしません。 答えを見つけるのは、ともに活動する方や企業、スティルのキャラクターアイテムを手にした方々、一人一人です。

”STILL” makes an extinct animal a model by an artificial reason. In addition, I think about extinct species and an endangered species, earth, environment in the future, and it is the name that generalized that I act. I will make lots of stories which was written about STILL character, cause they have their stories.

It is as long as possible to tell the lot person again across a country, and the story is intended that I keep it in the heart of the person from a child to an adult by unfolding with a children’s book.

As for the character, life is recorded on more imminent daily necessities and miscellaneous goods as goods.

And I have you be interested and think about global environment in the future together by having you mention a reason of extinct species and the extinction that became the model.

They do not give an answer by oneself and do not suggest it. It is person active together and various places, each one who had a company, the character item of the steal in its hand that find an answer.