Guardian Frogs

Original character “Guardian Frogs” wanted to product collaboration, licensee.


『ガーディアンフロッグズ 』”Guardian Frogs”

これは、人の素晴らしい文化の発達の賜物ですが、同時に、効率よく時間を使うようになり、人は人が本来持つ、感覚に鈍感になんてはいないだろうか?と感じることが多くなりました。 健全な人であれば、五感は等しく持っているもの。そして、世の中にはそれぞれの五感を活かした職業というものも多く存在し、そのことから、人は何か一つ、人よりも優れた感覚が必ず存在するのではないかと思うようになったことが、この「ガーディアンフロッグズ」のはじまりです。



By a high information-oriented society, the development of the IT, our life became convenient dramatically, and every information came to be available in a net willingly.
This is a gift of the development of the splendid culture of the person. However, I am to spend time efficiently, and the person feels like becoming insensitive to the sense that a person originally has. The healthy person has the five senses equally. And a lot of what's called occupation utilized each five senses exists in one of the world, too.
It is a beginning of these "Guardian Frogs" to have come to think that a sense superior to one something, a person may exist as for the person from it by all means.

Guardian Frogs exist and keep our sense.However, the person forgets their existence and loses my eyesight all too soon.It is decided whether our which sense grows up more which Guardian Frogs protect it.

Which will a Guardian Frogs of everybody be? Or which will the sense to want you to grow up? Do you not review the sense that everybody has?