Original character

オリジナルキャラクター「スティル - 進化した絶滅種 -」の商品コラボ・ライセンシー・フリーレント募集中!
Original character “STILL” wanted to product collaboration, licensee and free rent.


『スティル - 進化した絶滅種 - ”STILL”




Where would the extinct animal go to on the earth?
Have you really disappeared? Or has it become a star to sparkle in the night sky?
No, in fact, the extinct animals moved to the different star and lived.
While doing evolution to the environment of the star.
Okay, it is the character of "the steal" to have evolved an extinct animal.
"The steal" had hope and a dream not the thing which grieved for extinct things. And it is an alarm bell to prevent such animals from increasing further.

I continue making the character who accomplished the evolution that assumed the animal which has become extinct by an artificial reason a model with "STILL".
The character has the name and a drama toward each.
I have you be interested in a character because there is it for daily life as a picture book and goods.
And have mention a reason of extinct species and the extinction that became the model of the character; is, and think about global environment in the future together.

Oneself gives an answer and does not suggest "STILL".
It is person active together and various places, each one who had a company, the character item of the steal in its hand that find an answer.